Welcome to PriceWise!

Locally owned and operated since 2003, PriceWise is focused on providing the best value and most friendly service in the rent to own industry. We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises of 6 months same as cash, 24-hour service guarantee, unlimited lifetime reinstatement, Bonus Bucks, and the most robust customer care program in the industry.  Honesty and integrity is the bedrock of our business.  Positive customer relationships mean something to us, and every day we strive to meet the wants and needs of our customers when it comes to getting great products at a fair price.

We also believe that the rent to own transaction is one of the most practical and affordable options to ownership of furniture, appliances, televisions, and electronics. You get what you want when you need it with no credit check and no long-term obligation. With payment options that fit your budget, including 6 months same as cash, the rent to own transaction is designed to be a low stress way to own great stuff.  You won’t incur any debt and, if you want to return or change an item, our Good News program ensures that the money you have already paid can be transferred to another item. Add free delivery, service, moving, and other great benefits and it all adds up to great value.

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